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Salming Aero Forza Blue Racquet

Salming Aero Forza Blue Racquet

The Forza is from the original Salming Racquet Range and was hugely popular so we are excited to have lots of these to share with you especially at this price!!.

Salming Aero Frames are engineered to provide an increased sweet spot with unmatched power. The beam construction is made of high modulus carbon fiber combined with Vectran. Vectran is a novel material that offers several performance enhancing characteristics for squash rackets, such as outstanding vibration damping, high abrasion, impact and cut resistance. 

Salming Aero Forza offers the best of two worlds in terms of a perfect fusion of maneuverability and power. Terrific for volleying and aggressive play around the "�T "�. The longest main strings are 36 cm long generating a powerful trampoline effect with the end result - effortless power. Forza is strung with Salming s Challenge string. Made in Italy by DoubleAR. An unmatched combination of power and feel. 

Colour: Royal
Rec. tension: 10-14 kg/22-30 LBS
Total weight: 140 g +/-5 g - 5,08 oz
Balance: 370 mm
String pattern: 14 x 18
String: AChallenge
Racquet Cover: no cover provided 
Head size: 491 cm2 - 76,7 inch2
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